TransforMe Package

Would you like to experience a longer container with Freedom as your guide? Then gift your Self the ultimate transformational experience. Together we will begin to map out a new soul plan for your life.

Personalize Your Transformation

The TransforMe package includes four sessions with Freedom. The package is customized to include the right sessions for you and your growth. Sessions may include any of the following:

Freedom has been giving professional psychic readings and life coaching since 2002. This is NOT your typical psychic reading. She can see and predict your most probable outcomes with accuracy; however, these predictions are not guaranteed because of the law of free will, timelines can shift in a moment. Freedom can see your ego constructs that  have been created in early childhood development, including any belief systems, blocks, patterns, or triggers that are running your current reality. She can also scan your energetic field and read your Akashic records. Using all of these gifts, you will be supported to have the breakthroughs in any area of your life that you desire.

Are you newly launching your business or revamping your current business? Freedom takes spiritual entrepreneurs tapping into higher realms of consciousness who are  having difficulty translating their soul purpose through their business into the 3rd dimension. She will empower you to build confidence and clarity and removed any blocks around streamlining your platform, pricing your services at the appropriate value, and well as establishing alignment with your business as an extension of who you are for the world.

Freedom has the unique ability to scan your templates for which spiritual gifts you are carrying. Freedom is an Activator and using her frequency, she will activate these templates within you and train you on how to solidify your gifts to use on yourself, clients and/or students.

This is not your typical Inner Child Healing work. Over the span of many years, Freedom has downloaded this specific step by step process in which you learn how to de-active and clear any trigger or core wound on a Quantum level. Once learned, QIC can be used anytime you need. You will experience a real shift in your state of Being.

Freedom will begin by scanning your energetic field. Then she upgrades your chakra system, spirit cord, templates and damage done to the aura, personal grid and field. She will access your akashic records to search for any soul fragmentation, outdated templates or soul contracts as well as any binds, spells or curses. Freedom will support you to clear ancestral DNA patterns and activate new templates so that you can experience being anchored in your full sense of power NOW.

Deep energy healing on a cellular level, entity removal, chakra activation, full system upgrades, prism reconstruction and aura repair including collapsing out old timelines and templates.

"The work that Freedom offers is deep and surpasses the intellect. Though it is logical and simple in nature, it's simultaneously intricate and intuitive. My experience with Freedom was a real trip, interdimensional time space traveling to go to the base of the distortions that have been inscripted in my genetic makeup and finally release them. As a healer myself, I greatly appreciate and recommend the medicine that she embodies. Just by emanating her pure light she helps me discover more of myself and be more of that which I am so that I too can continue to share authentically that which is mine to share. I found Free through her live videos and instantly felt A strong connection and resonance to everything she is. Thank you universe for so beautifully flowing through her vessel and bringing much needed light and healing to the world, manifesting the new earth here and now, together. Namaste & much love!"


Your TransforMe Package Includes

4 Custom Sessions

 4 sequential sessions with Freedom tailored to you. All Packages include QIC, and Soul Realignment. 

Direct Email Access

Transformation requires a solid support system. During your package you will have direct email access to Freedom. 

Bonus: Clearing & Activation Kit

This complimentary included kit is normally sold at $49.99. It consists of 3 guided audio recordings to clear your space, and activate your chakra system. 

Bonus: QIC Guide

After receiving Quantum Inner Child Healing (QIC) you can use this guide to sustain and deepen your healing experience. A $39.99 value, this guide is included with your TransforMe Package.

Pricing Options

To purchase you must first fill out the intention form and schedule a consultation call. Click "Book Now" to begin the process.

Payment Plan



3 recurring monthly payments of $555 begin on purchase date

TOTAL: $1665


- 4 Customized Sessions

- Personal email access to Freedom during coaching

- Bonus: Clearing & Activation Kit


Paid In Full



- 4 Customized Sessions

- Personal email access to Freedom during coaching

- Bonus: Clearing & Activation Kit


How To Book Your TransforMe Package

All clients must complete the intention form and consultation call before purchasing a TransforMe Package. You can schedule your consultation and fill out the intention form by clicking below.

Is the TransforMe package right for me?

This package is no small investment, and likewise it's no subtle transformation work. WE GO DEEP, and you must be committed to the process. But don't worry, I am here for you! I guide you through each process  and make myself directly available to you for support.

If your still feeling a little unsure if this is right for you, fill out this quick intention form and I will schedule you for a free consultation call to see if your ready for this deep work. 

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"The day after completing my TransformMe package with Freedom Franklin, the purging that began after the Soul ReAlignment kicked up a notch. That purging led to sleeping deeply for the first time in a decade. Which led to vividly dreaming again for the first time in a decade. Which led to getting divine messaging and acting on it instantly. Which led to seeing my highest self for the second time. Which led to my spine snapping into place for the first time since pregnancy four years ago. Which led to rearranging all my finances. Which led to waking up today feeling like a brand new being entirely. I'm not certain who this woman is looking back at me in the mirror today. Because my body feels different, my clothes don't fit and my skin is radioactively glowing. BUT I DO KNOW: SHE IS A POWERHOUSE. I can't wait to put all Free's suggestions into play in my business and on my website; I wrote down every word she said like a stenographer. If you're on the fence about the TransformMe package and you know you were called, you better go on and get your life. If you heard your name called when you read the description--it's time. There's some stuff you can't do on your own. Sometimes self can't help self."

Shade Ashani
-Published Author, Public Speaker & Life Coach

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