Quantum Inner Child Certification Course

Becoming The Story Master

QIC Course Includes:

  • How to clear the 5 core wounds
  • Coaching Training
  • Deepen psychic intuition
  • Learning soul retrieval
  • Collapsing out lack consciousness
  • Becoming the story master of your life
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What is Quantum Inner Child Healing?

This is not your typical Inner Child Healing work. This is a specific step by step process in which you learn how to deactivate and clear any trigger or core wound on a Quantum level. Once learned, QIC can be used anytime you need. You will experience a real shift in your state of Being.

Is the QIC Course Right For Me?

It's true this course isn't for everyone. If your looking for some guidance or more details about the QIC course fill out the application below and I will be happy to set up a complimentary consultation call to support you and go over any of your questions/concerns

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